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In the Words of a Child


    This is a story about 3 robots. Ace “A," Charlie “C” and Bob “B”. A, B and C are on the school yard. Mr. T “The muscle man” is on yard duty.  Ms. Masi is letter M., she is in the classroom.

    Mr. T is walking on duty. A goes out to play and Charlie does the same.  Bob the bully starts bullying them and says, “you are stupid”.  A and C talk to Mr. T, Mr. T gives them advice. He tells them to use “I” messages. A and C said, “Be-bo Be-be”; translated “I don’t like it when you say mean things to us.” B goes inside his letter shell.  They all go inside their letter shell and they are carried into the classroom.

    You have to go into your letter shell to learn things. Ms. M is in her letter shell too. Everyone goes to sleep. They learn while sleeping.


A and C make red puddles. The bully “B” is still in class. They (A and C) have red pen shooters. The bully comes out with black pen shooters and makes the puddles black.  Mr. T comes out to yard duty, spots “B” being a trouble maker.  Mr. T puts “B” in the classroom for the rest of the day.

    Ms. M stays inside all day. Ms. M doesn’t like “A” or “C," nobody does.  Dr. K comes to school.  She says in a mean voice “Stop picking on A and C, they are special people with special powers of love.” Mommy Q comes to the playground and A hugs her.  Ms. M says, “You should not be here now.” Ms. M puts up a fight with Dr. K and Mommy Q. Mommy Q and Dr. K win.

A, C, T, Mommy Q, Dr. K, Mr. Jenkins “J” send Ms. M back to Florida for Compassion School. Last time we checked Ms. M was still trying to learn compassion.

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