Summer Plans for Gifted Kids

Summer can be an exciting and revitalizing time for gifted children who really need and enjoy non-structured activities that revolve around their interests and passions. Summer is the best time to nourish your child’s inner life―their dreams and talents. After nine long months of homework and school schedules that promotes academic learning, bright kids need free time to explore!!!!

In our rigid, standard-driven educational environment, parents can forget the value of play and spontaneous or non-directed activities. When children play their own games they develop a sense of who they are. When kids play with old friends and new friends, they gain confidence in themselves as individuals who are comfortable in their social world. Playful experiences enhance the ability to be creative. Free time is me time; and children need me time as much as their parents.

Kids and their caretakers need a break from their routines. And parents can provide these open-ended experiences by not over-scheduling the summer vacation. Even if the neighbor’s children or your sister’s children have a regimented vacation plan, try to be more open-minded. Let your child explore their world from their own unique vantage point. You will be delighted and surprised by what your child chooses and how relaxed they seem. When school starts in fall, your child will be ready to take on the challenge.

Free activities that are fun, creative, and engaging include:
1.  Hiking and swimming
2.  Museum trips
3.  Story-reading at the library or bookstore
4.  Yard and lemonade sales
5.  Puppet shows
6.  Visits to the zoo and different types of gardens