Eiffel.jpgChoosing the Right School

An education — whether public or private — that meets your child’s needs and enables your child to fully develop his or her potential is an invaluable and stellar investment. But deciding among the variety of private and public school options available can be mind-boggling for today’s parents. Families are oftentimes unable to make informed decisions because of the complexity of school design. To make this problem more serious, schools have nearly perfected a method of screening new applicants that avoids the sharing of in-depth information about the true day-to-day workings and philosophy of their institutions. School promotional brochures uniformly present a façade of a contented, well-behaved, eager-to-learn student body. Of course the façades that schools present are just façades. There is no perfect school without problems. Parents are led through a series of tours, interviews, and testing procedures in the hopes of gaining entrance to the school that seems to fit their child’s needs. Parents are not warned about the highly competitive nature of the most sought-after public and private schools. It is possible to spend a great deal of time applying to schools and later be informed that there is no room for your child. A consultation with Dr. Klein will empower a family to make the best possible schooling choice.
    Consultations are intended for every concerned parent who is either looking to apply to the right school or is puzzled by what is going on in their child’s classroom. Whether your child is gifted, seems to be in the normal range, or is academically challenged, concerned parents will become empowered, be encouraged to take action, and make the best decision possible regarding what their children learn in school.
    Educational testing is also a service that is available. Testing will be tailored to each individual child.