Reviews of Raising Gifted Kids: Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Exceptional Child Thrive

Klein’s devotion to the emotional and social plight of gifted kids and their parents is evident from page one. She pleads with parents to remember that a child is still a child, no matter how advanced, and still needs sensible, caring guidance. Her passion [is clearly evident]. Numerous case histories reassure that you’re not alone, and are excellent indicators of how decisions might play out.
Kristin Taveira

Dr. Klein has provided parents with a wonderful practical resource in this publication. Parenting gifted youngsters is a challenging task. This book will help parents as they seek knowledge to do this task right. Dr. Klein offers support that will be most welcome to parents today.
Judith J. Roseberry
President, California Association for the Gifted

Barbara Klein delivers a comprehensive hands-on approach to parenting the gifted child. She brings a passion to the subject and provides insightful tips on parenting these unique beings.
Paul Cummins
Founder, Crossroads School, Santa Monica
Executive Director, New Visions Foundation, Santa Monica

An intriguing guide of gifted children. A great first-read to provide the overall map of the trip parents will be traveling with their gifted child as well as an excellent sourcebook during the trip. The concept of “good enough” versus “perfection” is absolutely critical for both parent and child. By extension, it is also critical for parents to realize that as well as good enough their parenting behaviors may not be “good enough.” This book will help parents stay in the zone of “good enough.”
John Sutton, Ed.D.
Executive Coordinator
UCLA Academic Preparation & Educational Partnership Programs

RAISING GIFTED KIDS is essential reading for every parent who has a gifted child. Many books address gifted kids’ educational issues, but RAISING GIFTED KIDS also warns you about and helps you avoid the emotional traps of stress, anxiety, perfection, and burn-out. A must have for every parent who wants to help their child reach his or her potential—happily!
Professor Lynn A. Stout
UCLA School of Law

Dr. Klein’s book provides valuable insights for parents and teachers of gifted children. Creative and divergent learners present unique and sometimes daunting challenges for parents and teachers. Their gifts come with complications and responsibilities. Gifted children don’t come with instruction manuals. Think of this book as the manual you need to help your child thrive.
Gary A. Carnow, Ed.D.
Director, Technology and Information Services
Alhambra Unified School District

I am delighted to have finally found a book that validates and explains, with insight, wit and empathy, my own observations, experiences and special challenges in raising a gifted daughter – at last, someone who really understands and can help!
    Barbara Klein’s special perspective both as a psychologist of gifted children and their parents for over 30 years and as a parent of two gifted children herself has resulted in a sensitive, honest, unerringly perceptive account of parenting the gifted that is genuinely valuable. A lively, down-to-earth, uniquely credible blend of expert and anecdotal experiences, familial instincts and scientific and societal realities, RAISING GIFTED KIDS is frank, intelligent and filled with excellent practical advice. I can only hope that Dr. Klein’s deep understanding and articulate advocacy of giftedness convinces educators to stop stifling our country’s greatest treasures.
Chris MacRae
Writer and mother of Cayley, age 10

Parents of gifted children are barraged with information about how to best approach the challenges of meeting their child’s unique needs. As a parent of a gifted child, I found that very few experts addressed the substance of what Dr. Barbara Klein makes a point to discuss in her new book; the emotional development of the gifted child. I believe that finding the best resources for educating gifted children is very important. But I also believe that preparing gifted children for living in the larger world is the best gift parents and educators can give them. Dr. Klein understands that these are still children, after all, and that their intellect will be best served by attending to the whole child. I highly recommend this book to all parents searching for tools and insight into how best to serve their gifted child.
Julie Bergman Sender
Mother of Emily, age 8

Reading Dr. Barbara Klein’s book is like having a wise and caring personal guide through the challenges and joys of raising a gifted child. She provides both the realism and optimism we need to help our children define and fulfill their dreams.
Carolyn McWilliams, M.A.
Founder Bridges Academy, Educational Consultant


Complex questions about parenting gifted children are given definite answers!
Library Journal

Klein’s acknowledgment of the special difficulties of raising gifted children is welcome, as is her call for more resources for their benefit—and for parents to consider home schooling if needed aids are not available. RAISING GIFTED KIDS contains valuable information.

Parenting may be the most difficult task we assume, and parenting gifted youngsters has a few more added complications. Barbara Klein has a writing style that invites the reader to sit down and absorb all that the pages hold. She writes as a professional and writes as a parent. The psychologist-educator melds with the parent of highly gifted youngsters to give us all a balanced and worthwhile venture into this topic.
    Understanding giftedness and how to measure it is a wonderful beginning to her study. Dr. Klein’s liberal use of family stories helps the reader to see the practical applications of the author’s comments.
    She addresses the question we all ask ourselves as parents. Can I do this job well enough to be sure that my child will be successful and happy? The book abounds with practical advice for those who have a multitude of questions about proper parenting. Especially helpful to this reviewer were the frequent questions Dr. Klein asks us to ask ourselves.
    A large section of the book deals with finding the right educational setting for the gifted learner. This should be required reading for teachers and administrators. The advice given and the questions to ask would be valuable for any school setting to consider. This part of the book is given importance, as it should, since the impact of the appropriate school environment on the student is so great.
    My favorite part of Dr. Klein’s book is the section on the personalities of gifted young people. They will not fit the cookie cutter view of gifted youngsters, and for that we are pleased. Dr. Klein discusses the various behaviors and personalities that we see in our children.
    These pages are filled with practical and reader-friendly ideas and suggestions, generous with advice for living with those gifted kids with unique skills or intensities beyond the norm. Especially helpful is the last section on “Family Issues and Ten Rules for Raising Productive and Well Adjusted Gifted Kids.”
    This book should also be required reading in teacher training classes and provided for parents of newly identified gifted students. Teachers can learn so much from Raising Gifted Kids to facilitate interaction with parents. Indeed, many teachers have gifted young people in their own homes as well as in their classrooms. I wish I had had this book long ago, raising two gifted daughters, now grown. I think I’ll send them both a copy now.
Gifted Education Communicator

RAISING GIFTED KIDS will help parents understand and cope with the obstacles they face in raising a gifted child, and help them make the best choices for their son's or daughter's growth and happiness. This upbeat and practical book reveals how parents can help develop their child's potential and self-esteem without pressuring them, and plan their child's education.
Winner of the iParenting Media Award

Dr. Barbara Klein’s book should serve as a bible to all parents who are raising gifted children. As a gifted coordinator for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 12 years, I have many wonderful experiences working with gifted children and their parents. I found most gifted children possess all or many of the characteristics that Dr. Klein describes in her book. Quotes from parents about their gifted children are insightful and helpful. They suggest a way to work with gifted children.
    Dr. Klein possess a unique ability to help parents of gifted children reach their potential. Her strategies and examples are very helpful. Read this book—you will be informed, happy and find your job of parenting so much easier.
Louise Copeland, teacher and private tutor

Hands-on effective parenting tools. Raising Gifted Kids has helped me to understand my children better and we are a happier, more cooperative family. This book provides clear guidance that is easily comprehendible and implementable. I found it so helpful that I gave my son's teacher a copy; I recommend it to everybody who has an influence on a child.
H. Dracup

This book is for anyone who has ever wondered if a child under their care might be gifted, and what to do about it. It's full of effective approaches to a wide range of puzzling, exhausting, and endearing behaviors, and important considerations for educational options. The author has a friendly writing style and is a great source of comfort, confirmation, and inspiration; I will be referring to this book often in the upcoming years.
L. Silverman

Excellent guide for parents. The author uses her expertise in the area of child devlopment and her vast experience working with gifted children and their families to present a reader-friendly guide to parenting gifted children. This book is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, school psychologists and principals.
Mary Murphy Fox