Dear Parents and Teachers,

My new book, “Challenges of Gifted Children: Empowering Parents to Maximize Their Child’s Potential,” will be out in August or September of this year. I have decided to introduce the book by breaking down the important points I bring up in the text:
       Bright, spirited gifted children come in different varieties.
       Do you know what kind of gifted child you are raising?

Parents call me all of the time wanting to know why their supposedly gifted child is not reading. Or moms and dads want to know why their bright child is shy or won’t listen at hone and at school. My response is always the same. Bright and gifted children come in all varieties. There is no one stereotype of giftedness that can be used to categorize and identify the unique strengths and struggles of these children.

I see a blank look on my readers’ faces. I know you want the answer in terms of a character or iconic image, even though I have already said that it can’t be done. It is impossible to categorize.     

Absolutely, there is a wide range of children who can be considered gifted. The scientific bug collector, the intellectual book worm, the day dreamer, the artist, the composer, the athlete, the math wizard, the piano or dance prodigy are just a few examples of ways to visualize giftedness.

There is also a great deal of diversity in their personality profiles. Some bright children are very dramatic; others are comfortable being social. There are gifted children who are shy and those who are loners. Some spirited children are defiant and seek out attention without shame.

Learning styles vary from being rigidly organized to those who are confused by organization from parents and teachers that they do not think is important.

If you ask yourself these questions you will be closer to understanding what type of gifted child lives in your home.
       What is special about your child’s behavior?
       What behaviors are extremely hard to contend with?
       What works to calm your child down? What creates emotional chaos?