Strategies on How to Be a Good Enough Parent

    1.  Try to develop your real authentic self-confidence as a parent based on knowledge and experience.

    2.  Learn that making mistakes is inevitable and that rethinking plans will optimize your child’s healthy development.

    3.  Model your mistake-making behavior so your son or daughter learns from you how to make mistakes and continue on with a project.
    4.  Don’t spend time wishing your child were different and easier to handle.

    5.  Don’t rely on grandparents, friends, teachers or other experts who are critical of you because they just don’t understand. Rather, find people who understand you and validate your point of view.

    6.  Don’t long for a really calm, normal home life because you will just feel frustrated and miss the really special aspects of your child growing up.

    7.  Enjoy the rocky road of parenthood when you can.

    8.  Get used to your child’s argumentative, intense nature, and try and keep both of you under control, as you will both feel less overwhelmed and less hopeless.

    9.  Remember, you are a gardener who has to know when your child needs water and when he or she has had enough.

    10.  Find people in your life who embrace your journey and spend as much time as you can developing their friendships.