More Reviews for "Twin Dilemmas," My New Book


Dr. Klein gives us her latest work, “Twin Dilemmas: Changing Relationships Throughout the Lifespan.” In this incredibly vulnerable book she opens our eyes to the joys and sadness of being a twin. The great love which twinship holds as well as what happens when loss and separation occur.
       Dr. Klein navigates us through difficult case vignettes, and in an easy to understand way, gives us the emotional and psychological implications of what these patients have been through, why and how they function and in most cases where they are now in their lives.
       Physicians who have twins in their practice will find this stark, emotional and honestly written book an invaluable tool. She shares her conflicts with her own identical twin sister and through her own self discovery leads twins through difficult challenges which effect life long positive change in their lives.
       Hopefully a Pulitzer prize winning book, culminating over 35 years of professional endeavors and successes, it is a must-have, go-to book in your library.
—Vincent Arthurs

Having read Dr. Klein’s book “Alone in the Mirror,” I immediately had to have this one. At first glance it appears to be very accessible and organized in such a way to enable the reader to explore in a focused fashion. Separation, estrangement, parenting, conflict, healing, and many other pertinent issues are thoroughly analyzed. Dr. Klein has put words to my feelings (as a twin) and there are so many “light-bulb” moments of recognition. I know this book is going to help many people begin to understand just how hard it is for twins to function, particularly as they get into adulthood. The complex web and affect of polarization on each twin as an individual is fully explored with the use of many stories, which are fascinating. Dr. Klein’s exploration of patterns and types of relationship outcomes is a crucial study that brings hope to those who suffer without recognition in a world that idealizes the twin relationship.
—Miss C.

Twins who have experienced less than ideal relationships with their twin will find comfort and hope in Dr. Klein’s new book “Twin Dilemmas.” This book will make twins feel less alone and will allow them to open up to the idea that many twins live with less-than-ideal memories of being a twin. You will meet twins who are brave enough to share their stories and whom are healing through a therapeutic twin support group. This book is an essential tool for twins and anyone who knows and cares about a twin. Twin relationships are complicated. Dr. Klein has spent her entire career studying the complexities of twin relationships. She offers powerful yet practical suggestions to therapists, parents, and teachers in how to work with twins effectively.

Growing up as a twin can be both a joyous and a complicated issue. In “Twin Dilemmas,” Dr. Klein very clearly describes the advantages and disadvantages of being a twin. She explains the issues that twins encounter often due to improper parenting or more likely the misunderstanding that singletons have about twins’ relationships. As a fraternal twin who has been completely estranged from his twin for over 36 years, I can say that Dr. Klein completely understands how complex an issue being a twin is. I would suggest that everyone who has a twin in their life—parents, teachers, therapists and others—read Dr. Klein’s book to better understand the complex relationship between twins.
—Keith Bigelow