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Review for "Twin Dilemmas" 

Twins who have experienced less than ideal relationships with their twin will find comfort and hope in Dr. Klein’s new book “Twin Dilemmas.” This book will make twins feel less alone and will allow them to open up to the idea that many twins live with less-than-ideal memories of being a twin. You will meet twins who are brave enough to share their stories and whom are healing through a therapeutic twin support group. This book is an essential tool for twins and anyone who knows and cares about a twin. Twin relationships are complicated. Dr. Klein has spent her entire career studying the complexities of twin relationships. She offers powerful yet practical suggestions to therapists, parents, and teachers in how to work with twins effectively.

Posted on Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 12:40PM by Registered CommenterBarbara Klein, Ph.D., Ed.D. | CommentsPost a Comment

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