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The Knox School of Santa Barbara Announces New Location

Located at 1525 Santa Barbara Street, the Knox School will be housed in classrooms on the campus of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara, which sits directly across from the lovely Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens. Gardens surround the campus buildings, and our classrooms look out onto the landscaped Jefferson Courtyard to the front and the amphitheater to the rear. Behind the classrooms is a small garden where students will incorporate designing and planting into their studies.

The School lies across the street from one of the city's most beautiful spots often called the "crown jewel" of city parks. Alice Keck Park Gardens feature a large botanical collection (75 different tree and plant species), a pond with koi and turtles, a sensory garden, a low water-using demonstration garden, picnic areas and gazebo. A block away is Alameda Park, the home of Kids' World, an 8,000 square foot playground designed by children in consultation with playground experts containing a castle, swings and slides. These large parks are a perfect venue for hands-on learning, physical exercise, and exploration.


The mission of the Knox School of Santa Barbara is to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment where, alongside an engaging and challenging curriculum, the social and emotional needs of gifted and talented students are respected and compassionately supported. 

In fulfillment of its mission, The Knox School of Santa Barbara will provide a rigorous and stimulating academic environment and high caliber curriculum combined with an individualized, ability-based (instead of age-based), project- and inquiry-based approach to learning in order for students to develop critical and creative thinking skills and retain a deep love of learning. The school is committed to developing a professional and supportive faculty sensitive to the instructional and emotional needs of gifted students and who are strongly dedicated to providing the highest quality education. The school is committed to ensuring respectful accommodation and a variety of strategies to meet all learning styles and continuing to develop instructional strategies and academic and affective curriculum based on current research and best practices.

The Knox School of Santa Barbara offers an exemplary program developed specifically for gifted children; our respectful and supportive approach to learning optimizes each student's intellectual, academic, social and emotional development.


The Knox School's guiding philosophy comes from the idea that learning is optimized when (1) the individual feels safe, appreciated, and supported, (2) when the environment recognizes and respects both gifts and differences, and (3) when the curriculum is interesting, stimulating, and meaningful.

We have a responsibility to provide optimal educational experiences for talents to flourish in as many children as possible, for the benefit of the individual and the community. The Knox School of Santa Barbara is committed to providing a student-centered, talent- and strength-based model to optimize each student's intellectual, academic, social and emotional development. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and are committed to the preservation and development of that individuality. The staff is committed to fostering self-awareness and self-understanding within each student so that they learn to self-advocate and become the principal architects of their lives.