Dear Twin Friends,

I am so happy to announce that my new book, “Twin Dilemmas: Changing Relationships Throughout the Lifespan” will be available for purchase through Amazon on May 9, 2017. My hope is that my book helps twins heal the pain of separation and loneliness from their twin.

Writing “Twin Dilemmas” was an act of determination and passion. I gave my all to explain the challenges and rewards of being a twin in a world of non-twins. The heartbreak of separation and loneliness is uncovered in the words of twins. Experiences of: loss through separation, developing an authentic relationship with your twin, and estrangement are told to twins who are looking for edification of their pain.

The strong and enduring connections that twins face with other twins and their own twin if they can resolve their resentments are told and retold throughout the book. Amazingly and understandably, twins who come from different walks of life and different places around the world understand one another very quickly. Healing of past “emotional hurt” is possible through the support of new twin friends.

Issues of attachment to significant others is different for twins. Unique experiences with intimacy can be confusing for others who are close to twins. Why twins long for intense relationships is explained. How to deal with a non-twin is suggested.

I hope you will find time to look at my latest book.

Barbara Klein