yellowdaisy.jpgGifted Testing

Parents frequently ask, "Is it important that I know that my child is gifted?" While a parent does not need to know the exact IQ score of their child, it is extremely important to have a sense of their strengths and limitations. Another reason to understand your child’s intellectual development is as an aid to assessing their readiness to achieve in school. Sometimes gifted children are underachievers because of their perfectionist nature and their fear of failure. Underachievement or intense pressure to be the best are issues to learn about, to address, and obtain intervention for as early as possible.

Knowledge of giftedness impacts:

1. The school you select for your child.

2. Your understanding of specific personality issues such as perfectionism.

3. Sensitivities that are related to children who are gifted.

4. The need for enhanced intellectual stimulation and after-school enrichment activities.

5. The need for social groups that challenge gifted children.

The psychological and educational testing that is done through public and private schools is not necessarily IQ-assessment oriented, but rather achievement focused. Standardized achievement tests are not a replacement or substitute for the WISC-IV or the Stanford-Binet.

If you have specific questions about assessing your child’s intellectual strengths, please call or e-mail me.