Twins face serious challenges when approaching adulthood, as they try to find their own voices and identities in the world. Author Barbara Klein, a practicing psychologist who is a twin herself, tackles the multifaceted effects of stress and trauma on twin attachments and explains how psychotherapy should be applied to this population.

Alone in the Mirror: Twins in Therapy chronicles the triumphs and struggles of twins as they separate from one another and find their individuality in a world of non-twins. Dr. Klein utilizes psychologically-focused real-life histories to demonstrate how childhood experiences shape twin attachment and individual development. She includes implications for twins in therapy, their therapists, and parents of twins and addresses issues of attachment and intimacy directly and indirectly. Based on Dr. Klein’s scholarly research, clinical experiences with twins in therapy, and her own identity struggles as a twin, this book develops insights into the rare, complicated, and misunderstood twin identity. Effective therapeutic practices for twins will raise the consciousness of parents, as well.

Table of Contents

The Real Facts about Twins.

Unique Developmental Processes in Twins: Implications for Psychotherapy and Parenting.

Always Close but Never One: Anxiety and Depressive Disorders in Twins.

Understanding Conflicting Attachments in Twins: The Resolution of Major Depressive Disorders.

"Real" Differences between Twins and Identity Development. Looking at and Reacting to the Twin Attachment.

What is Lost when a Twin Dies?

Once a Twin, Always a Twin: Implications for Psychotherapy.

Alone in the Mirror.

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Hardback: 176 pages

Published: March 2012

ISBN: 978-0-415-89340-4

Publisher: Routledge